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Web Development

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Web development is and term of development of website for the internet (world wide web) and intranet (private network). Web development can range from developing the simple static page of plain text to complex or dynamic page of the websites. Websites includes internet applications, electronics businesses, and social network services. Web Development includes web design, web content development, client-server side scripting, web server and network security configuration, e-commerce development. In professional aspects Web development is mainly writing markup and coding which less related with web designing. Web designing is the other part of website development. Website main parts its source code which is written in programming language. Programming may depends on the necessity of website. Website is developed by the web developer who provide source code and web designer who provide design of the website. Maximum company have their own website which contain all the information of the websites. means in today’s scenario everyone have their own website.
Web development can be split into many type of areas and a typical and basic web development hierarchy might consist of :
Server side web development concentrates on programming that affects the server.
This type of development can be undertaken in a number of languages, the most popular of which are :
Ruby on Rails
Client side web development focuses on code that affects what happens within a visitor’s browser.
JavaScript and JavaScript Libraries
HTML 5 and CSS 3
Client side + server side
Google Web Toolkit
Dart Opa
Database technology
Microsoft SQL Server
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