Digital Marketing

As a Digital Marketing company, we at Random Soft Solution provide you the services and solutions that can be the answer to your every IT question. We offer you services that are world class and help you build and promote your brand to new heights. With the help of our years of experience and our team of professionals, we help you to hit the right areas and we help you in gaining the traffic from where it is needed to fuel your business with the help of our internet marketing. We provide services of PPC CAMPAIGN, PPC Campaign management, PPC marketing, Social media marketing, PPC marketing, seo solution, seo services, eCommerce Solution and digital marketing. Our team of experts are sure to leave you spell bound with their abilities to give your business new height.

We understand the projects we take, we take the information behind the solutions, and then we provide the related technology to it. We are not just a bunch of designers and developers who are working in front of the screens, but we are a team that understands what goes behind a project and we map and design requirements for the end-user according to the areas of the need.

We work with a principal of simplifying the things that are offered and we will then work on the solution by asking you many questions about it. We will make sure that behind our every “Why this?” “Why not this?” there is an ample proofing and reasoning that will let you give us the right amount of information we need to offer you a solution that you need. With our questions and your answers comes a fusion of the results and ideas that transforms into a successful venture.


Content marketing starts with the right keywords that are used to make the content original yet unique. A content written thus should be according to the idea that runs the company and should be written with the intention of promotion attracts views and visitors, thereby increasing the traffic to your site. The main reason that the content should be rich and unique is to attract visitors and then converting them into prospective sales / clients. As we all know, the competition is growing day by day and the one who uses different yet effective techniques makes the business grow in the right direction. At Random Soft Solutions, we provide you everything that is required for an effective Content marketing strategy.

A good content results in more traffic to the site and this ultimately gives you high ranking. Our team of expert content writers maintain the proficiency and richness in the language and content, and they deliver high quality and effective content for the clients. The content is then marketed according to the strategies to promote the site. As we develop the content from the scratch along with the theme and the idea of the business, it gets lot easier for a visitor to gain the info provided and the visitor is able to connect easily with the info as we use proper keywords in the content that makes it instantly accessible on the net and web search pages. We strive to give your organisation a service that results in gaining the right amount of promotion that you aim to hit. Content marketing is a way to reach the masses and it’s a way of communication with the clients. At Random Soft Solutions,

we give you wide variety of option in Content Writing:

Writing effective content that is with the right keywords for the SEO rankings. We identify the customer segment and then targeting the potential customers.
Planning the word count and then making the content effective for the increased traffic.
Edition, Addition and Creation of Content.
Promotion of the content on social networking sites.

We Provide Writing Services In:

01. Web Content Writing

02. SEO Content Writing

03. Article Writing

04. Blog Posting

05. Web 2.0

06. Forum Posting

05. Website Copy Writing

06. Press Release Writing

At Random Soft Solutions, we give you PPC campaign management and we have an eye for detail about the clients business. We work accordingly in the process to gain target customers, the client’s business current position in the sector it represents and the USP that can be highlighted and worked upon. It’s a field where your competitors work round the clock to get the best of the IT services and to survive and leave a mark on this cut throat competitive market; you need an IT support that leaves no space for errors. With us you are sure to get the proper and customized approach to PPC Marketing and management.

We work by adding the needed support to the PPC campaigns and we target new networks. This is worked upon as a part of the PPC advertising where the networks are approached and maintained in an efficient and effective manner.

The most vital part of the process comes with the bidding. This should be left at the hands of professionals and our team of expertise handles this task with ease for you. We complete the entire coverage using the techniques and strategies that are carefully planned and processed and we advise you overtime about which keyword to use and which to avoid if we find them not suitable for your business. The promotional campaigns that we use have the keywords specifically focussed and they successfully drive the traffic to your website.

We also offer you the use of adtext extension that makes your PPC work in the positive manner for the webpage. This gives you an edge over to the competitors in the process.When you hire us, you can leave all the strategic planning of the PPC campaign to us. We take care of it all right from the Tracking with the right data and Optimization of the PPC. We obtain the results you desire by analyzing the Google adwords

Connect with Random Soft Solutions if you are looking for a good return in your PPC.

Social media optimization means promotion of the business through the channels of the social media. The social media marketing and optimizations help a business to generate sales and when the business and its working are advertised over social sites. These are the tools that are used to make business reach the masses in order to get it recognized in the eye of the general public. The social sites that are used in the process are, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and more.

Nowadays you will find almost everyone on the social networking and promoting the business using these platforms helps you generate quite a lot of traffic and revenue. It’s a sure shot assured way to engage people from the world in one place where they are connected and taken to your business or brand where they are exposed to your products and services. It works by: A Professional profile is created on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr etc.

After creating the profile, they are optimized accordingly in order to get the social icons on your website where the visitor is directly taken to the social address after clicking at the icon.

The work is prioritized according to the marketing techniques and we give importance to brand promotion and recognition in our working.
Further, our team of Social Media Marketing works as follows:

We optimize the quality of the content and it is generated according to the keywords.
Making your business reach the target audience.
Linking the links to the website to gain additional traffic.
The news, Videos, Audios, are shared by their links.
The business is further promoted by participating in the Blogs, RSS feeds, Forums postings etc.
Use Aggressive advertising campaigns that are backed by viral marketing.
The traffic is managed with the right reporting, monitoring and analysing.